Kingdom Training in Christ Likeness


Kingdom Training in Christ Likeness–Are You Battle Trained?

David spent much of his life hiding from King Saul in caves. King Saul was jealous and envious of David. David spent half of his life in caves before he was elevated to become the King of Israel.

Moses spent 40 years in the desert in preparation to lead his people out of slavery in Egypt. His time in the desert gave him the experience needed to guide the Israelites through the desert as they were freed from Egypt. God uses the wilderness, the desert, and the cave to humble you and test you in order to know what is in your heart. God wants to know if you will trust and obey HIM. HE wants you to trust Him with all of your heart.

The cave, desert, and wilderness are experiences that you may be going through which are tests to shape you. There are three perspectives with which to view your circumstances or perceived tragedies in your life.

First, you can become a victim of the circumstance. You can look at the desert and begin blaming, whining and complaining about the desert.

Second, you can ignore the circumstance and attempt to live as if nothing happened.

Third, you can use the circumstance and tragedy as a defining moment in your life to draw you closer to the Lord.

This is a time to see God ‘s love working in you.

□ It is a time to be thankful no matter what the circumstance may be.

□ This is a time to change and trust God.

□ This is a time to see God working in your life.

□ This is a time for the Wisdom of God to be manifested in your life.

What looks like a calamity in your life can be used to bring you closer to understanding God’s Agape love and be used for your good. Jacob thought his son Joseph was dead, yet Joseph was alive and was used to save his family from starvation. Your ways are so different than God’s ways. HIS ways are higher than yours. Learn to trust HIM through the battle as you are being trained in the cave, desert and wilderness.

He has promised you that HE will not leave you nor forsake you. HE will not give you more than you can handle. HE wants you to be prepared for your next assignment. Training and preparation is shaping and molding you into CHRISTLIKENESS and RIGHTEOUSNESS. Learn to enjoy these times of testing. Learn to be patient as the Lord shapes and molds you into HIS likeness of Agape love. You are HIS disciple. HE has given you victory already over fear, doubt, discouragement, blame, disappointment and rejection. Walk today in the Spirit of Adoption as a child of God, knowing that you have been adopted as a son or daughter of the Lord Jesus Christ. Know your FATHER loves you.

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