Kingdom Living with No More sin or guilt Conscience


Kingdom Living with no more sin or guilt conscience

No more punishment!

Jesus' finished work on the cross took all the punishment for your sin and the sin of all mankind. There is no more punishment. Jesus received all the punishment. HE removed your sin/guilt conscience and gave you the gift of a RIGHTEOUSNESS CONSCIOUSNESS.

JESUS restored you into the original image and likeness of God which is Righteous and Holy. You are no longer in the “Adam Family” which is fallen, cursed and born into sin. You are in the “Jesus Family” as a born-again child of God, restored, redeemed, perfected, righteous and Holy by the Blood of Jesus Christ. Jesus was the spotless Lamb of God who took away ALL the sins of the world. HE was the perfect sacrifice for the remission and forgiveness of ALL SIN.

When Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, they/we became sin conscious. They knew they had done something wrong. We now have a conscience which tells us we are not good enough. We need to be punished. Our conscience brings a fearful expectation of judgment, punishment and wrong-doing. Being born into the Adam family brings a sin consciousness of wrong in need of punishment.

God’s perfect “Redemption Plan” was executed through Jesus Christ and confirmed by the Holy Spirit living in the “Born Again Believer.” The seal of the Holy Spirit, the power of the Holy Spirit is confirmed in those who profess with their mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in their heart that Jesus was raised from the dead.

So what does the Holy Spirit confirm?

The Holy Spirit convicts and confirms that you are Righteous and Holy. The Holy Spirit is not a fault finder. The Holy Spirit convicts and confirms that you have been made Righteous on the cross by the Blood of Jesus. The veil was torn when Jesus took all the punishment for sin on the cross and HE cried out, “it is finished.” You can enter boldly with confidence into God’s Presence based upon what Jesus did, not based upon your efforts or performance or behavior.

  • 19 We have, then, my friends, complete freedom to go into the Most Holy Place by means of the death of Jesus.
  • 20 He opened for us a new way, a living way, through the curtain - that is, through his own body.
  • 21 We have a great priest in charge of the house of God.
  • 22 So let us come near to God with a sincere heart and a sure faith, with hearts that have been purified from a guilty conscience and with bodies washed with clean water. Hebrews 10:19-22

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