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Kingdom Living: Energized Health

Energized Health

Who: John & Chelsea Jubilee, Energized Health
What: “Energized Health” Kingdom Living Podcast Presentation
Where: Sunday – November 21st 2021 – The Repple Minute
Why: Energized Health

Kingdom Living Special Edition

Who: Paul Benjamin Sr., Consultant, Speaker, Coach, Mentor, and Author
What: Kingdom Living Podcast Presentation
Where: Father’s Day 2021 – The Repple Minute
Why: No Child Without a Dad

How Christian Investors Can Engage

Who: Justin Danhof, ESQ, General Counsel & Director Free Enterprise Project
What: Kingdom Living Podcast Presentation
Where: 4pm – Thur Mar 25th 2021 – The Repple Minute GoToMeeting
Why: How Christian Investors can Engage Corporate America

Resetting Personal & Cultural Economies

Who: Robert Henderson, Robert Henderson Ministries
What: Kingdom Living Podcast Presentation
Where: On Demand – Click Here to View Event
Why: Resetting Personal & Cultural Economies for Releasing Prosperity