Kingdom of God is Now!



Kingdom of God is Now!

Religion seeks heaven as the goal. For the Citizens of the Kingdom of God, Heaven has come to live in them now through the Holy Spirit. Jesus came to bring the Kingdom of God to earth through the Holy Spirit living in the Citizens now. The same Holy Spirit which raised Jesus from the dead is living in the Born-Again believer now.

Pray this!


My Daddy God, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit who dwells in me.

Your name is FATHER

Your Kingdom has come through the Holy Spirit living in me with righteousness peace and joy.

You feed me continuously with your word which is alive and living in me.

You have forgiven me of all my sin past, present and future by the blood of Jesus shed for me and all mankind. I am your son/daughter. I enter your presence in Righteousness because of the Mercy of God and the Love of God through Jesus Christ blood manifested in the Holy Spirit living in me now.

I am made in your image and likeness of Love. My purpose is to love as you have loved me. I owe this to everyone to bring Heaven to earth now. I am a love being demonstrating your Agape Love living in me.

You have defeated the power of sin and death. I have victory, power, love and the mind of Christ living in me. There is no condemnation, fear, anxiety, regret, offense, loneliness, hurt, slander or acquisition against me which you did not give me victory through your love in Christ Jesus living in me now.

I am your son/daughter. I am a Citizen of your Kingdom.

I have been purified and made Holy by the Blood of Jesus Christ.

I am the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

The desire of my heart is to be obedient to your voice through the Holy Spirit and spread your message of the Kingdom of Love to everyone.

Your presence means more than anything this earth can give me.

You are King. May Your Kingdom come, and Your will be done here on earth through me as your Ambassador. I submit my will to you to follow your commands to be a LOVE BEING for YOUR NAME’S SAKE.

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