Kingdom of God Giving


Kingdom of God Giving

Because of the rebellious, independent spirit and disobedience toward the Government and Kingdom of Heaven by Adam and Eve, mankind is born with a selfish nature against God.

What is the antidote to selfishness? The antidote to selfishness is receiving the generosity demonstrated in God’s love for all mankind through God’s love. We are made in God’s image and likeness to reflect the generosity of the Kingdom of Heaven living in us through God the Holy Spirit.

Generosity and giving is a measure of your heart (a test) to determine the condition of your new creation redeemed identity as a citizen in the Kingdom of Heaven. Will you be found faithful in trusting God for your provision?

When Giving and Loving are one, you are overcoming the selfish desires and trusting God for ALL.

God loved you (all of us) so much that HE gave HIS firstborn so that you can be restored and redeemed from the selfish desires created through the fall. He redeemed us by giving HIS one and only son as a LOVE sacrifice.

Principles of Kingdom Giving and Generosity

1. God is a generous giver reflecting the Kingdom of Heaven culture brought to earth through the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven living on earth.
2. Giving is a principal value of the culture of the Kingdom of Heaven brought to earth with God the Holy Spirit living in man.
3. Giving is worship and a way to honor the King.
4. Kings give. Kings want their reputation to be out-giving other kings.
5. Giving breaks the curse and bondage of thinking you have ownership. The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it. The King has given you authority not ownership.
6. Royal protocol demands that you bring a gift to the King.
7. Giving out of an act of LOVE is an antidote to selfishness. The measure you give will be given to you.
8. Giving reflects the worship, values, laws, and culture of the Kingdom of Heaven to the King.
9. Giving brings righteousness, peace and joy in God the Holy Spirit living in you.
10. Giving releases the Kingdom of Heaven resources to be used on earth.
11. Giving is taking authority over the spirit of selfishness.

Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven are generous in reflecting the King’s nature and values.

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