Kingdom Living Tools


Kingdom Living Tools
What are some of the tools which the enemy uses against the children of God.
The enemy’s job is to keep the children from exercising Kingdom Dominion over the earth. The enemy wants to keep the children of the Kingdom of God ignorant about the power and authority of God the Holy Spirit living in them.
The tools which the enemy uses against you can be used against the enemy. The enemy is a defeated foe. Greater is HE (God the Holy Spirit) living in you than the prince of this world.
So, what are some of the spiritual weapons the enemy uses to attack God’s people.
Fear, worry, anxiety, lack, rejection, lustful thoughts, greed, feelings of inadequacy, depression, the past and worry about the future.
Here is a short list of spiritual tools the enemy uses against the Children of God:
● Spirit of offense
● Spirit of rejection
● Spirit of independence
● Spirit of division
● Spirit of lack
● Spirit of sickness and disease
● Spirit of oppression
● Spirit of control
● Spirit of unforgiveness
● Spirit of stinginess hoarding
● Spirit of ownership
● Spirit of rebellion
● Spirit of discontentment, complaining
● Spirit of death
● Spirit of defeat and doom
● Spirit of a slave
● Spirit of pride
● Spirit of an orphan
● Spirit of inadequacy
● Spirit of lack, can’t do because of a lack of resources, time and energy
● Spirit of injustice
● Spirit of envy and jealousy
● Spirit of religion
● Spirit of mammon
● Spirit of deception and lies
● Spirit of education
● Spirit of self-effort
● Spirit of decent
● Spirit of negativity
Condemnation is one of the main tools used by the enemy against God’s children. The same tools which Satan uses against us can be used against him. All authority of the Kingdom of Heaven has been given to you. You have authority to condemn every spirit of the enemy in Jesus’ name. Jesus says in Mark 16, these are the signs which follow believers to cast out evil spirits in Jesus’ name.
● I condemn Cancer in Jesus’ name.
● I condemn the spirit of rebellion in Jesus’ name.
● I condemn the spirit of lack in Jesus’ name.
● I condemn the spirit of rejection in Jesus’ name.
If the spirit of oppression is coming against you, you can take the sword of God’s Spirit (God the Holy Spirit living in you) to condemn the spirit of oppression in Jesus’ name.
Kingdom Living tools are given to be used.

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