Kingdom Living is without Fear of Failure


Kingdom Living is without Fear of Failure

Are you afraid you might fail? Do you think Caleb and Joshua were afraid of entering the Promised Land? Do you think Moses was afraid when the Egyptian army was bearing down on him backing him up to the Red Sea? Do you think Joseph was afraid in the pit? Do think Joseph was afraid in prison?

Are you afraid of what others might say about your faith? Are you more concerned about what people say and think about you than what God thinks? Are you afraid of people or God? Do you think the Israelites felt foolish marching around Jericho? Do you think Nehemiah felt foolish rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem? Do you think David was afraid to attack Goliath? Do think Peter was concerned and afraid when HE got out of the boat to walk on the water?

God did not give you a Spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. Without faith it is impossible to please God. If you are walking in fear, you cannot please God. The enemy of God has you under his control. Perfect love casts out fear. Love and trust in God are your confidence to defeat fear. Seek God and HIS KINGDOM and your fear will be replaced with the Power of God.

You are wise when you put your faith into action. The wise person is the person who hears the Word of God and puts it into practice like a person who builds his house on the rock. The rock is the Word of God put into practice. Faith overcomes fear. Love overcomes doubt. Jesus Christ overcame sin and death for the forgiveness of sin. The Power of God living in you through HIS Spirit overcomes all fear. Christ in you is the Hope of Glory. Your best days are ahead of you for your marriage, family, health, business and country. Your HOPE is in Christ, not the circumstance.

Put your HOPE in the salvation of the Lord and rest in HIS everlasting arms. God loves you and has forgiven you of your sin of fear and doubt. HE knows you better than you know yourself. HE is HOLY CREATOR, REDEEMER GOD.

Do you trust your fear or trust GOD? Cross over into the Promised Land and conquer the territory of fear with faith today. God rewards those who earnestly seek HIM. Seek HIM with all of your heart and you will find HIM now.

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