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Kingdom Living Hearing


Kingdom Living Hearing

What is the message that you are hearing?

Is God working miracles in your life?

Do you believe HE can work miracles in your life?

So then, does He who supplies you with His [marvelous Holy] Spirit and works miracles among you, do it as a result of the works of the Law [which you perform], or because you [believe confidently in the message which you] heard with faith? Galatians 3:5 AMP

What message did you hear?

  • Did you hear that you must follow the works of the law to gain righteousness?
  • Did you hear that miracles come from following the law?
  • Did you hear the message that you are a sinner?
  • Did you hear the message that God is angry at you?
  • Did you hear the message that you are not good enough? You need to try harder?

Or did you hear that:

  • You can Rest
  • The Work is finished
  • Your sins are forgiven
  • Your body is healed
  • You are redeemed
  • The curse is destroyed
  • You will never, ever die because you died with Christ and live with Christ
  • You have been made RIGHTEOUS with the Divine exchange of your sin for HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS
  • It is not doing, it is done on the Cross. Death, fear, guilt, sin, shame, condemnation, regret, injustice and rejection were nailed to the cross.
  • God loves you

His [marvelous Holy] Spirit works miracles among you. ”Works” in Greek is “energeo” which is a verb in the present, active tense and continuously.

Working miracles in your life will happen because you [believe confidently in the message which you] heard with faith.

What is the message you are hearing?

Are you hearing? I am the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.


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