Kingdom Living delivered from the Spirit of Prostitution


Kingdom Living delivered from the Spirit of Prostitution


“Their deeds (wicked things, habitual doings, their thoughts, their doings) do not permit them to return to their God. A spirit of prostitution (a spirit of whoredom, a false spirit, a spirit of fornication) is in their heart; they do not acknowledge the LORD.” Hosea 5:4

Will God call you a prostitute? Are you selling yourself for unworthy purposes and for things of temporal value?

Because of your unfaithfulness to God, you may be called a prostitute. You have a wandering heart, you love stuff more than God, you trust your ways more than God’s ways, you seek the approval of man more than God, you seek success and recognition more than seeking God with all of your heart, and your heart is hardened by the pleasures of this world versus the redeeming love of God through Jesus Christ.

Are you a prostitute? What do you love? Where your love is will determine your heart.

A prostitute trades himself/herself for a fee. What are you trading for your time? Where are you trading your efforts, skills and abilities?

The spirit of prostitution is opposed to the Spirit of God. The prostitute’s heart has a difficult time turning to God. Their doings, their thoughts, their habits, and their wicked ways cause a hardened heart which makes it difficult to repent. A prostitute’s evil doings, if persevered, will eventually take away his/her desire to return to God.

You cannot serve two masters. You will either hate one or love the other. You cannot serve both the spirit of prostitution and the Spirit of God. You will love one and hate the other.

Which do you love – the Spirit of God manifested in Jesus Christ or the spirit of prostitution manifested in selfish temporal desires? Which will you serve? To which will you bow down and worship?

Will God call you a prostitute or son?

God loves you!


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