Kingdom Living as a “Branch”


Kingdom Living as a “Branch”

There are three parts to a plant: the Vine, Branch and Fruit. You are a “flow-through” branch. You are to rest and let the Vine “flow through” you to produce the fruit. The branch is effortless. The Vine has all the nutrients to produce much fruit in abundance.

You are a flow-through branch to produce Fruit.

I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. John 15:5

You are designed as a Branch, not as a Vine or Fruit. God designed you as the instrument in which HIS love, grace, mercy, Shalom Peace, forgiveness, gentleness, faithfulness, joy, victory, completeness, abundance and wealth flow through you. You are an agent of Redemption to the fallen world.

You are designed as a Branch to be a flow-through, not to be a plug. A plug works like a stopper which stops the flow of the life-giving nutrients of the Vine to produce delicious Fruit. A plug stops the nutrients from reaching the ultimate destination which is the fulfillment of God’s Covenant to HIS PEOPLE. A plug is like the Dead Sea which has no flow through and becomes stagnant.

Jesus is the living water, the nutrients, the Vine flowing through you as a branch. The branch is similar to a hose. The Vine of living water, HIS PROMISES and nutrients, are always ready to flow through you. The hose though needs to be connected to the Vine and turned on to the power supply of the Holy Spirit flowing through you to bear much fruit. You can do no watering unless the hose is connected to the water – the Vine. The water flows through the hose. You can do nothing as a branch or hose. You need the Vine and all of God’s Covenant Promises to flow through you.

You are designed for love, forgiveness, Shalom Peace, and mercy so that all of God’s Promises will flow through you to Bear Fruit.

If the branch believes HE can bear fruit on his own, this is a plug like a clogged artery, like a chink in the hose. This is like a dam stopping the flow of God’s love, grace, mercy and forgiveness through you. Another plug is greed, fear, and worry which stops the flow through of the living water. Another plug is when your focus is on you, your behavior, your sin, your lack, your flaws, your mistakes, your temper, your anger, your addiction, your unjust situation, your bitterness toward someone, your needing something more, your failure.

When you are attached and your focus is on the Vine, the complete work of Jesus Christ on the Cross and HIS Covenant of love, grace, mercy and Shalom Peace to HIS Children, you will bear much fruit. You are the Branch with the message of the Gospel of Righteousness, Grace, Peace and Love flowing through you.


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