Fraud – “Fraud” Day 9


Stolen – Day 9 of the Fraud committed by Satan against man

Satan is a liar and thief. Satan committed fraud in the Garden of Eden by stealing the man’s knowledge and relationship with God. Man exchanged Truth of God for the lies of Satan. Man has a legal and Judicial right to be restored back into right standing with God in Truth.

The following are some of the strategies the thief, Satan, uses to attack and destroy your thinking.

For the Born-Again believer, the Spirit of God which entered into you is the same Holy Spirit which raised Jesus from the dead and dwelled in Peter and Paul. However, your mind, will and emotions (soul) have not been redeemed. Your mind, will and emotions need to be renewed and surrendered to the Holy Spirit. Your mind is the place that Satan attacks, therefore every thought needs to be taken captive by the Word of God.

Identify who wants you to think a certain way – is it Satan or God in the following statements?

Who wants you to think the Bible, God, Jesus, Noah, Joseph, Daniel and David are fables and stories which are not true?

Who wants you to think what you see is more important than the unseen?

Who wants you to trust in your own intellect, senses and reasoning rather than think there is a Creator, Redeemer God?

Who is the liar and accuser of the brethren?

Who wants to deceive your mind and thinking by making you think what is evil is good and what is good is evil?

Who wants you to focus on lack of wealth, success and position?

Who wants you to think that you should not be wealthy?

Who wants you to be sick and filled with dis-ease?

Who wants you to not forgive and hold a grudge against your spouse, kids, sibling, parents, boss, co-worker?

Who wants you to think you have been mistreated and injustice has happened in your life?

Who wants you to be filled with anger, bitterness, blame, revenge and unforgiveness?

Who wants you to think you need the love of man or woman to be accepted?

Who wants you to think the good life is partying, drinking, drugs and sexual behavior outside of marriage?

Who wants you to live with no condemnation knowing all your sins past, present and future HE will remember no more?

Who wants you to know you are LOVED and even demonstrated HIS LOVE?

Who wants you to know HE came to destroy the works of the enemy of lack, fear, death, sickness, insufficiency, inadequacy and hopelessness?

Who wants you to know every need is met that you will ever have?

Who wants you to live with power, love and a sound mind?

Who wants you to know you will never have lack?

Who wants you to know you have been made RIGHTEOUS NOW?

Who wants you to know you enter God’s Presence based upon what Jesus did, not based upon your behavior?

Who wants you to know HE is GOOD and LOVES so much that HE GAVE?

Who wants you to know you have been redeemed, restored and lives in you?

Who wants you to know you are made in HIS IMAGE and LIKENESS which is SPIRIT?

Who wants you to have HIS MIND?

Who wants you to receive the complete Gift of Salvation and the Gift of Righteousness?

Jesus Christ legally and judicially restored you back to your legal family as a Child of God as a Spirit Being. You have all the legal rights and privileges as a son or daughter of God. You have LIFE ABUNDANTLY. You are made in the image and likeness of God in Christ Jesus. You have the mind Christ and the Wisdom of God living in you.

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