CHRISTmas is the true LOVE GIFT


CHRISTmas is the true love “GIFT.”

Jesus is the only reason for the season. Christ is a must. We don’t worship trees, lights or a season of the year. We worship the living God who created us in HIS image of LOVE.

We celebrate Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection. This is the time to celebrate what Christ did for you. He freed you from the bondage of sin, shame, guilt, condemnation and death. You are no longer a prisoner of death, fear, guilt, shame, rejection, loneliness, anger, bitterness, greed, addiction, envy, jealousy and unforgiveness. HE came and paid the price for your sin. Jesus nailed all your sins to the cross. Jesus paid the price for your sin. HIS gift is the forgiveness of sin which comes with a full redemption plan. God wrapped himself in the skin of man through HIS son Jesus and gave HIS son as a living sacrifice for all mankind’s sin. The GOOD NEWS is that HE did not stop there. HE is alive. HE rose from the dead. HE is living and HIS SPIRIT lives forever in the hearts and lives of those who choose to receive the CHRISTMAS GIFT.

Accepting the gift is free. Christ paid the price for the gift with HIS death and life. You can unwrap the gift and look at the gift. However, it is not until you take the gift out of the wrapping and desire the GIFT more than any other thing do you receive the benefit of the GIFT. The GIFT comes with a great instruction manual. Many times when you are reading the instruction manual a SPIRIT of understanding will overcome you about the GIVER of the GIFT. The GIFT is yours to keep and use. The GIFT is to be passed on and will not run out. You can re-gift the GIFT as often as possible. The more you give the GIFT away the more it will keep coming back to you. The GIFT comes with a forever UNLIMITED WARRANTY, PROMISE and GUARANTEE never to run out.

Unwrap the GIFT and try it on. Experience the freedom, comfort, contentment and peace you have with the GIFT. The old does not look as good as the NEW GIFT. Throw away the old and focus on the NEW GIFT. You have to throw away the old to really appreciate the NEW GIFT. You will always be tempted to go back and use the old. Don’t think about the old. Keep reading the instruction manual and listen to the Spirit which the Gift puts inside of you. Learn how to use the NEW GIFT and your understanding will grow such that you will never want the old again.

Experience the joy of the GIFT. This is a great time to share the GIFT of Jesus’ love and forgiveness with those who have never opened the package and received the free GIFT.


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